Swarm Relocation

Santa Cruz Bee Company loves catching swarms! If you see a cluster of honey bees on a tree limb, fence post, etc. do not panic, and DO NOT SPRAY THE BEES with poison. This is inhumane and unnecessarily kills beneficial insects.  Swarming bees are usually docile and will not sting you unless they are provoked. Honey bees are much easier to relocate when in this cluster. If the swarm is not collected and relocated, the bees will often move into buildings and it becomes a much more invasive and expensive job to remove them. Call SCBC and I will come out FOR FREE!  (note: a small fee may be requested depending on the location and ease of collection of the swarm.)


There is a “beekeeping renaissance” happening right now, and it is manifesting in many new backyard beekeepers. This is wonderful, but there is a steep learning curve to keeping bees, and new beekeepers can benefit from hands-on guidance as they begin the journey. With years of experience managing hives, Santa Cruz Bee Company helps guide new beekeepers through their first year. I help new beekeepers build confidence through monthly or quarterly check-ins, during which I provide personally tailored management techniques, hive health assessments and record keeping.

Site Consultation

Set up your apiary for success with a site consultation for your hive placement. The services of site consulting and on-going hive management can be packaged along with mentorship for backyard beekeepers with pre-existing hives who want to be involved at a hands-on level.

Hive Management

Individuals, businesses or farms who want to establish an apiary on their property but are not interested in managing the bees themselves can hire Santa Cruz Bee Company to install hives in their yard, on their roof or on their land and manage them for a monthly fee.This provides all of the benefits of keeping bees with none of the work or heavy lifting involved.

Classes + Workshops

Emily teaches a variety of beekeeping courses through the Cabrillo College Extension. Santa Cruz Bee Company will be teaching a variety of courses in 2017-2018 with dates, locations, and prices TBA. Santa Cruz Bee Company is also available for school assemblies, summer camps, field trips,  conference presentations and community events.

Honeybee Removals

Honey bees in buildings--walls, ceilings, chimneys-- can be a problem. Usually the bees themselves aren’t the issue, but their wax combs, filled with honey and pollen, are attractive to other pests and rodents. If you have honey bees in a structure, PLEASE DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR. Santa Cruz Bee Company specializes in live, humane removal and relocation of honey bees.  We will provide a free site visit and estimate of the cost of the job. If the bees have shown up within the past two weeks, a less-invasive trap-out may be possible. Otherwise, it may be a bigger job to open the wall and remove the bees and wax combs.


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